SPARS 2019 Conference Presentation


About Me

My name is Antonio Silveti-Falls but I mostly go by Tony. I am an associate professor (maître de conférences en français) in France doing research in nonsmooth optimization. Since September 2022 I am at CentraleSupélec/University of Paris-Saclay in the Centre pour la Vision Numérique laboratory. I am also a part of the INRIA team OPIS - OPtImization for large Scale biomedical data. Last but not least, I am a proud member of the Fédération de Mathématiques de CentraleSupélec.


I work mostly on {nonsmooth, infinite-dimensional, stochastic} convex optimization algorithms, namely first-order splitting methods. Big fan of Frank-Wolfe and Bregman methods too. Besides this, I am interested in nonsmooth nonconvex optimization using conservative calculus, path differentiability, and semialgebraic/definable functions. I am also interested in applications to machine learning, deep learning, image/signal processing, and inverse problems.