Full CV

My full CV is available in pdf form here.

Brief Summary

I received three bachelor's degrees in math, applied math, and statistics from Chico State University in 2015. I then did a master's degree in applied math with a concentration in nonlinear dynamical systems at San Diego State University where I studied under Jérôme Gilles. My master's thesis was titled "The Empirical Gabor Transform and Empirical Gabor Frames" and I defended it in 2017. After this I went to Université de Caen Normandie in the GREYC laboratory IMAGE team from 2017-2021 where I did a PhD in math under Jalal Fadili and Gabriel Peyré. My PhD thesis was titled "First-order noneuclidean splitting methods for large-scale optimization: deterministic and stochastic algorithms". I was a postdoc at the Toulouse School of Economics under Jérôme Bolte and Edouard Pauwels from February 2021 until August 2022. Since September 2022 I have joined Université de Paris-Saclay as a maître de conférences (~associate professor or assistant professor with a permanent contract).